Trip to New York

Such a FUN trip to New York! I absolutely love traveling to new places, and it was such fun to explore the city with Jess (last year we went to Chicago).

I’m about to post some of the most mediocre photos ever, but I want to remember our trip, so here goes … :)

Walking around after seeing Cinderella:


Cinderella! I loved this musical – so fun!


Several of the places we went on our food walking tour in the East Village:



Bet this couple would be super excited to know they’re featured on the blog. :) Great falafel sandwich here!IMG_3418


Some of the pictures of the kids that Dave texted me while I was away: (btw, THANKS DAVE!! for handling the kids while I was away. :) You’re awesome …)



At the Guggenheim. Such a strange museum …


At the Central Park reservoir. I had NO idea this park was so huge. We walked around and explored for hours …




At the Museum of Modern Art. Loved it, and definitely had my share of laughs!! I learned that modern art is … whatever you want it to be!


Very awkward picture in front of the famous soup cans:


And lastly, a picture from today. The kids run to grab their chairs when they hear the espresso machine starting up. It’s an activity around here!

Another Trip to the RDU Observation Deck

We’re big fans of going to see the planes at the RDU Observation Deck. Lately though, we’ve been spending more time at the park that’s nearby. I took these pictures a few weeks back when the weather was just starting to warm up. We were so excited to finally be out in the sunshine!


Hands in her pockets!!! Such cuteness.



The way she eats cracks me up. She does the shove-it-all-in-quickly method:

Taking time out to watch the planes:






General Cuteness


He’s so intent when he colors! I recently discovered that daytime baths are a great way to spend time when we’re stuck indoors. The kids love it because it’s a novelty, and I love it because they’re contained and happy! Win/Win. Yep, that’s string cheese. Why the heck not … Emma plays as intently as [...]

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Snow Days


Here are some pictures from earlier in the month when we had lots of snow. The kids loved it!

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Emma is 2!

DSC_0871 2

Emma turned TWO on Feb. 24th!! We had a Hello Kitty celebration for her at home, complete with pizza, cupcakes, balloons and lots of presents. Happy birthday sweet girl!!

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Emma at 23 Months


Emma has really outgrown her “baby-ness”, and really seems like a toddler now. She’s talking up a storm and plays with Caleb all the time. They have a game that they play on the treadmill called “hoppa boppa ball”. It somehow involves the treadmill and pillows, but that’s all we can figure out so far. [...]

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Happy New Year!


Or, “Happy New You!” as Caleb likes to say! Here are some pictures from this past week. What a relaxing time we’ve had. We’ve tried to soak up the time. Hamming it up at breakfast:

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Merry Christmas!


Here are some pictures from Christmas day, and maybe a few other days added in there. He LOVES this train around the tree. It’s been a real hit. Telling me all the details of the train: Goldfish in the stocking! Caleb and his “iPad”. We’re telling him it’s a laptop, but he’s stuck on iPad [...]

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Weekend Activities


So far, we’ve … 1) Baked cookies. Lots of eating the batter, and anxious waiting by the oven to see when they’re done. 2) Started decorating the tree. Lights are up, anyhow! 3) Visited the Porsche exhibit at the NCMA. Looking miserable in front of my favorite car 4) This is from last week but [...]

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Grandma Pearson


We made a quick trip to Virginia to see Gramma Pearson at Mom & Dad’s this past week. It was a long trip, but well worth it. I’m so glad we made the effort to see her. I can’t believe she’ll be 99 in January.

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