Father’s Day

Better late than never, I wanted to post these pictures from Father’s Day. As with my Mother’s Day shoot, it’s an exercise in futility to get everyone smiling at the camera at the same time. :)

Dave, you’re the best dad ever. :) THANK YOU for all you do for our family!!


Happy Father's Day graphic



I called Caleb “Lightening McQueen” for this shot, which is basically the best compliment he could ever get.


I love Emma’s face here :)


First Beach Trip of the Summer

Finally – some pictures of our first beach trip this year! We celebrated Caleb’s birthday, and spent time with Dave’s parents. We also made a last minute decision to stay an extra 2 days, awesome!


These two carried their shovels practically everywhere. As Dave says, there’s lots of sand at the beach, and according to the kids, none of it is in the right spot. So, lots of work to do!

I love her little bathing suits. I could have bought 10 different ones, they’re so darn cute.
DSC_1299 DSC_1291
The beach was pretty quiet for the first few days, then got a little busier over the Memorial Day weekend. Wish I could post those pictures but they won’t upload for some reason.
DSC_1278 DSC_1273
IMG_0885 2 DSC_1257 DSC_1254 DSC_1249 DSC_1247 DSC_1244 DSC_1243 DSC_1241 DSC_1231

And finally:
May 2013 beach trip
September 2013 beach trip

Celebrating Caleb’s 4th Birthday

Caleb kite

We celebrated Caleb’s 4th birthday at the beach recently. He asked us specifically for a scooter and Lightening McQueen stuff. Anything Cars (or Planes) related is all the rage with this little guy and it provides endless hours of entertainment for him. I can’t imagine life without this little guy. What a special little man. […]

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Mother’s Day


Someone asked for a picture of me and Emma last week, and I realized that I didn’t have one. Not a current one at least (current as in: the last year??). And I certainly didn’t have one of me and Caleb either, or me and the kids. Or me and Dave, for that matter. With […]

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Easter Egg Hunt – 2012


I found these pictures from Caleb’s Easter egg hunt 2 years ago that I never posted. He was almost 2, and so, so sweet. I wish I’d taken shots of Emma, but she very well could have been sleeping. She was about 2 months at the time.

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Easter Egg Hunt


We had an Easter Egg Hunt for the kids on Easter afternoon. They loved it and were so darn cute. When I started pulling these pictures together I realized that I never posted pictures from our last egg hunt (2 years ago), so I’ll post those next. Pretty much right after this, things went south. […]

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Another Trip to Shelley Lake


If I did a post every time we took the kids to Shelley Lake, well, we’d have a lot of posts. The neat thing about this trip is that we took Caleb’s tricycle and he rode around on it like a pro. Pretty cute!! And – links to other trips to Shelley Lake: from June […]

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Trip to New York


Such a FUN trip to New York! I absolutely love traveling to new places, and it was such fun to explore the city with Jess (last year we went to Chicago). I’m about to post some of the most mediocre photos ever, but I want to remember our trip, so here goes … Walking around […]

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Another Trip to the RDU Observation Deck


We’re big fans of going to see the planes at the RDU Observation Deck. Lately though, we’ve been spending more time at the park that’s nearby. I took these pictures a few weeks back when the weather was just starting to warm up. We were so excited to finally be out in the sunshine!   Hands […]

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General Cuteness


He’s so intent when he colors! I recently discovered that daytime baths are a great way to spend time when we’re stuck indoors. The kids love it because it’s a novelty, and I love it because they’re contained and happy! Win/Win. Yep, that’s string cheese. Why the heck not … Emma plays as intently as […]

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